About Us

A family-owned fashion house and leading brand in the creation, manufacturing, and distribution of fine outerwear, furs and accessories. Established in 1984 in Montreal, the Gorski Group has evolved as a leader in luxury outerwear and fur fashion.  For over three decades, Gorski Group has delivered relevant fashion through its innovative designs and superior craftsmanship.

The GORSKI brand is synonymous with fashion, leadership, style and elevated quality. 

With three decades of growth and expertise, Gorski Group has evolved to include half a dozen collections of luxury garments. Using the finest designs, materials and technical collaborators in Europe and North America, the Gorski Group delivers collections that are modern, sexy, sophisticated and versatile. We have and continue to expand our collections to accommodate ever-changing trends and to meet the standards of our discerning customers.

We strive for excellence. As industry innovators, we create superb, cutting-edge garments that remain timeless. Nearly all our garments and accessories have been hand-cut and delicately sewn, benefitting from craftsmanship and manufacturing knowledge passed down from prior generations. We are not mass producers. We continue to produce our garments by hand; while incorporating modern techniques, enhanced by technology, and precise tools for optimal fabrication. Our approach is what makes every collection and individual piece exclusive and unique.  Only superior swatches are selected when creating a Gorski garment.  Our specialists delicately inspect and handpick the best quality swatches of fur, shearling, leather, cashmere and more.  Each product is carefully crafted using the finest materials.  We often avoid using synthetics; instead, we prefer natural fabrics and pelts with unique characteristics, varying textures and color variations.  

Gorski Group is proud to collaborate with the most prominent leaders of animal welfare, traceability, and sustainability in the fur industry. We take pride in sourcing responsibly and have partnered with auction houses and farmers who embrace our values of welfare and transparency.