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For many years, Leonard Gorski and the Gorski Group have been involved as activists and philanthropists in major charities supporting children and women's issues. 

World of Children is an exemplary, efficient conduit for changing lives, where 100% of your donation will go directly to programs improving the lives of at-risk children.  

Since 1998, World of Children has dedicated millions in grants to programs for children, led by nearly 120 Honorees working in over 50 countries.  World of Children is the only global recognition and funding program that focuses exclusively on a broad range of children's issues, including health, education, safety and human rights.

The Gorski Group has committed US$25,000 to World of Children for 2018 campaign, plus engaged to raise another $25,000 from family, friends, fans and allies like you.

Help us make the difference by donating $100, or as you can to World of Children, and the Gorski Group will reward each supporter with a gift card of $100 to be used on your next purchase. Please Donate Now - World of Children site. 

Thank you for supporting our favourite cause.

"Please share my passion for World of Children" - Leonard Gorski

World of Children
World of Children